Mansfield High School Yearbook

Mansfield High School Yearbook Ads

Honor your graduating senior! Advertise your local business!

2022 Mansfield High School Yearbook Ad – Due February 24, 2022

Why should you place an ad in the MHS yearbook?
  • Over 500 copies are sold each year - Great exposure!
  • The yearbook receives no school or town funds - it's self-sustaining.
  • Ad sales help defray the cost of the yearbook to students.
  • Surprise your senior with a dedicated space and a special message.
  • Yearbook staff members will design an ad for you IN FULL COLOR.
  • You may design your own ad at
  • Become a part of Mansfield's history!
Ad Guidelines and Prices Full Page - $300
  • Vertical orientation (height = 9.5", width = 7")
  • This ad will fit many pictures and up to several paragraphs.
Half Page - $200
  • Horizontal orientation (height = 4.5", width = 7")
  • This ad will fit multiple pictures and a small paragraph.
Quarter Page - $150
  • Vertical orientation (height = 4.75", width = 3.5")
  • This ad will fit a medium sized picture and a couple of sentences.
Eighth Page - $90 - Perfect size for a business card!
  • Horizontal orientation (height = 2.25", width = 3.5")
  • This ad will fit a small picture and a simple sentence.

Ads can be placed online through our publisher where you can design your ad, upload your photos and purchase your ad. To order your ad online click here. Our school number is 5468.

QUESTIONS? Contact yearbook adviser Jennifer Martinelli at